Returning Boxes

We Only Collect A Foil Filled Box

We deliver in cardboard boxes insulated with a foil liner. Due to our couriers charging a separate fee for return boxes, we only want a box returned once you have collected a full box of foil liners (from about 6 cardboard boxes). This keeps it viable as we can reuse the foils. It’s just too costly for us to have every box returned each time you order. Heres how to return a full box of foil insulation...

box return process


Further Points

  • Please don’t return any ice bottles or cardboard in the return box. We ask that you only fill the return box with foil insulation.
  • Please recycle the excess cardboard boxes and ice bottles in your yellow bin. The cardboard boxes can also be used for storage.
  • While we would prefer to have all cardboard and ice bottles returned, it is logistically and financially not viable. Our main focus is getting back the foil sheets as they are non-recyclable and we can reuse them.

Thanks for working with us.