Beef – Sausages – Thin – (6-7 Pack) – 450-550gm


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CO – Dispatched FROZEN – Meat-ting Place Butcher – Certified Organic / Free Range / 100% Grass Fed (No Grains Fed) / No Chemicals / No Growth Hormones / No Antibiotics.

Ingredients: (Preservative & Gluten Free) Organic Beef (70%), Organic Rice Flour, Water, Salt, Herbs, Spices, Spice Extracts.

Grown in the abundant lush grasslands of Central Queensland, the Channel Country, Darling Downs and northern NSW regions. Sourced from Australian Organic Meats Group (AOM).

Quality Meat Raised as Nature Intended

– Cattle graze on grass pastures FREE of synthetic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.

– Cattle do not feed on corn, grain, animal agricultural or industrial by-products.

– No antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, growth promotants or genetically modified organisms are used (banned under Organic Certification).

– Strong emphasis on animal welfare – close observation and maintenance of animals health.

– All products are produced without gluten and preservatives.

– The beef posesses a full mineral, nutrient and omega-3 fatty acid profile thanks to a natural green pasture raised method.

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