Organic Meat Organic Duck Duck Liver 500gm

Duck Liver 500gm

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Certified Organic

Dispatched FROZEN – Bendele Certified Organic Poultry / Free Range / Raised on Organic Pasture & Organic Grain / No Chemicals / No Growth Hormones / No Antibiotics.

Bendele Organic Farm, run by Sarah and Fred Sterns, is situated on 70 hectares of beautiful country in Kilkivan QLD, just west of Gympie. Bendele are a family run business and grow free range organic poultry. They work with nature, not against it, protecting the existing environment by using sustainable farming techniques, as nature intended.

Bendele's ducks are ACO Certified Organic, free from chemical pesticides, growth promotants, antibiotics, herbicides, and genetic modifications. The farm is also certified free range by Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia.

Ducks are free to roam on native and planted pasture, receiving a balanced certified organic diet and clean housing throughout their lives. They are fed certified organic sorghum, wheat, soya, grit and essential vitamins & minerals.