Sauerkraut – Traditional – 650ml


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CO – Kehoe’s Kitchen – Wild fermented, probiotic rich, raw sauerkraut. Made locally in Brisbane. Whole food, paleo, dairy/soy/grain/sugar/preservative/additive/allergy FREE.

Ingredients: (*organic) *cabbage, celtic sea salt, *caraway seeds, *juniper berries.

– Fully fermented (left in crock until they finish bubbling) for maximum flavour and beneficial bacteria

– If youre new to fermented food, try it for breakfast with fried tomatoes, baby spinach, runny eggs, fresh avocado and some sauerkraut on the side (a great digestive aid)

– Also great to sprinkle through salads, add as a layer to your wraps, nori roll or lettuce rolls or just throw on top of any old meal, even spag bol once youre addicted 🙂

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Dairy Free, Gluten Free, No Added Sugar, Paleo, Vegan