Tempeh – Savoury – 300gm


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CO – Mighty Bean – Ingredients: Certifed organic whole soya beans (ACO 439A), pure filtered water, culture (Mi-T tempeh starter, Rhizopus Oligosporus), flavourings & dustings (less than 1% total weight) – dried italian herbs (rosemary, parsley, oregano, bell peppers), sea salt, rice flour, sugar, natural vegetable flavours, yeast extracts, vegetable protein extract (soy derived), dehydrated vegetables (onion, chilli), extra virgin olive oil, No MSG.

Flavoured with Italian Herbs and marinaded in GMO free vegetable stock. Ideally suited for Italian and Eastern style recipes as well as modern style quick and easy (always good for a tempeh chip).

Black/grey spots are completely normal, they are the rhizopus mold spores which are used to ferment the tempeh, and actually signify the tempeh is at its peak flavour.

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