We Use Biodegradable Bags

Our biodegradable roll bags contain an additive called ‘Reverte’, which degrades and breaks up the polymer chains in the plastic and make it available for biodegradability within the environment.

“But doesn’t it just break down into smaller bits of plastic?”

No! This is not the case with the Reverte additive. We’ll get technical here for a sec, but read on 🙂 …

As the Reverte additive is activated by natural light, oxygen is introduced, resulting in a complex mixture of carboxylic acids, ketones and alcohols. These lower molecular weight elements are no longer polymers. It has therefore irreversibly reduced beyond its polymeric state.

These remnants are now hydrophilic, which means they can absorb water, unlike a normal polyolefin which is extremely hydrophobic. This is a critical parameter as it means that the carbon that was originally bound up in the polymer chain is now accessible and can be utilised by microbes, unlike when it was a polymeric chain and highly hydrophobic.

The original polymer is now altered to a point where it is both available for biodigestion and biodegradable. These materials are then consumed by bacteria and re-introduced into the environment.

**Please return your used plastic bags in your empty boxes as we re-use them to seal our ice bottles – to avoid minimise condensation 🙂 Thanks!