We source as much of our produce as we can from local certified organic farms (from the Greater Brisbane, Lockyer Valley, and Northern NSW areas), and also from our local certified organic distributors in Brisbane. We only order the stock we need each week, and dont carry it over week to week – so its always fresh!

Yes! All of our fruit and vegetables are 100% certified organic.

98% of our dry grocery products are also certified organic, the 2% are either organically produced, contain certified organic ingredients, or are not certified organic. We will only stock non certified organic grocery items when we cannot source them organically. To make it all completely transparent, each product has a code at the beginning of it’s description indicating its type:

  • CO = Certified Organic
  • OG = Organically Grown / Produced
  • OI = Contains Organic Ingredients
  • NC = Not Certified Organic

For a start, we only source either direct from our certified organic farms, or our 2 certified organic wholesalers – United Organics in Rocklea and Eco Farms in Carole Park. We really wouldn’t get far selling conventional produce in place of organic as anyone who’s eaten organic before knows the difference.

While we are not open as a shopfront at our Archerfield address, you are welcome to come in on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 9am-1pm to have a look for yourself and taste test our produce. Every single produce box you see will be stamped with a certified organic logo.


As long as you order before the cut-off time for your area, you can order anytime. Although prices and availability are always being updated so it’s usually best to wait until the day before your cut-off time to place your order.

Your order must be placed before the weekly cut-off time to receive an order on that week. If your order is received after the order cut-off, we’ll check with you if you’d prefer it to be delivered the following week or cancelled.

We suggest setting a weekly calendar reminder to order, life is full of surprise events that can make us forget even the most important things like buying our food!

Yes the minimum order is $50.

No, you can order for any week you want.

Sorry, you cannot order less than the unit amount the product is sold in.

To add products to your order:

Let us know your additions by email or from our contact form before the cut-off time for your area. We will then email you a PayPal payment request for the additional items, for you to complete.

To delete products from your order: Just send us an email or use our contact form to let us know which items you’d like deleted.

Yes, follow these steps:

  • View your Orders in the My Account section, here you will see your previous orders, (Your orders will appear on this page once we have received payment)
  • Click “VIEW” beside the order you wish to reorder item(s) from
  • Check the boxes next to all items you want to reorder
  • Click “REORDER”
  • The products from this order will be added to your cart, you can now add more products or just checkout if you are happy with your order.

Our discounts include:

  • Free delivery on your first order.
  • Free delivery on orders over $150.
  • We also reward customers with our dollar saving rewards points system. Each dollar you spend earns you 1 point. When you reach 1000 points you’ll receive a $10 discount.
  • We also offer bulk deals on some products (shown on product labels), and weekly specials.

Yes of course, and what a lovely idea! – To place a gift order you can either:

  1. Buy a Gift Certificate for a friend to use on our store, or
  2. Place an order yourself to be delivered to them. If you prefer to place an order yourself, please make sure you: Enter the recipients address details for delivery when creating the account to place the order.
    – Enter your email and mobile phone number instead of the recipients. That way you will receive all communications from us and it wont spoil the surprise or confuse your friend!


You can confirm delivery to your area using our handy delivery checker at the top left of this page. Please note that we may not be able to deliver to you if you live too far out of our delivery zone, even if the delivery checker confirms delivery. This is because some postcodes spread very far and are too far out for our drivers.

The delivery fee differs for each area. Your delivery fee will be shown on the cart page when you start shopping. Remember we also offer free delivery on orders over $150.

To check which day and time your delivery will arrive, use our handy delivery checker at the top left of this page.

If you are not home we will leave your order in the shade in an obvious location. Our boxes are very well insulated and are chill packed with an icepack to maintain maximum freshness. Your products will be fine for 4-5 hours. When you create your account, you can instruct us where to leave the order also.

Our cardboard delivery boxes are very well insulated with a thermo-protective liner and we always include a large icepack to keep your precious goodies nicely chilled. From when we pack your order in the morning, it should remain cold for at least 8 hours. Over all the years and thousands of orders we’ve delivered we’ve very rarely had complaints about items not being cold enough.

Option 1: Call us on 0433799444 or email us and ask for a closer estimate of arrival time so you can be home to receive delivery.
Option 2: Specify a safe place to leave the order outside of the complex in your delivery instructions.
Option 3: Give us a friends unit code who will be home, so they can buzz the driver in and we can leave it by your door.
Option 4: Have your order delivered to a work or friends address.

Please recycle your cardboard box by either using it for storage, or folding into the the yellow recycle bin.

If we missed packing some items in your box, we apologise for the mistake!, please tell us straight away by emailing us, or send us a message from the Contact form. We will then refund the value of the missed item(s).

Yes you can pick your order up. Once you’ve set up an account, please contact us to arrange pickup. We’ll then setup switch your account to the pickup group. Then you can start placing orders.


We totally get this concern. Thats why we have a very strict quality control procedure in place and a money back guarantee for anything you’re not totally satisfied with.
Our quality control process:
– Each produce line is carefully examined for freshness
– We taste test!
– We discard anything with bruises, marks, rot and spots, and we are fussy!)
– We also return stock daily to our farms and and suppliers so they know to always give us the best.
– Only once it passes our inspection is it made available to our packers.
– We train our packers to select each item as if they were selecting it for themselves.
– All our stock is sourced fresh each week and packed into your box straight away, so we don’t let it sit around.

It’s so important to us that you let us know if you are ever unsatisfied with anything, as this helps us to improve our service. We’d much rather hear about a quality problem and have a chance to remedy the issue than to have you feel like you’ve been let down! If this ever happens please email us. We will then process an appropriate refund. You will receive a prompt reply verifying your refund.


Yes!! For our packaging we will pack items loose where possible, and if not we’ll use brown paper bags. Rarely for some delicate items we use biodegradable plastic produce roll bags which biodegrade within 1-5 years.


We accept payment via PayPal or Credit Card.

PayPal allows you to link your bank account and credit card as payment sources. Click here to create a PayPal account.

If there are any stock shortages on your order, or we need to reimburse you for another reason, we will process a refund. Refunds will go directly to your credit card unless you paid with your PayPal linked bank account, in which case the refund will go to your PayPal balance. This balance can then be used for a future order, or another PayPal purchase.