Why Organic

Benefits Of Buying Organic Food

1. Organic Food Tastes Amazing!

It makes sense – organic farmers maintain rich and fertile soils which produce stronger and healthier plants. Healthier plants contain more flavonoids which trigger our taste buds. Conversely, conventional crops grown in chemical treated soils draw more water resulting in a diluted taste.

2. Organic Food Is Free From Toxic Chemicals

Conventional pesticides and fertilisers were approved for widespread use before any extensive testing connected these chemicals to cancer and many other diseases. Organic growing prohibits the use of these harmful chemicals and therefore reduces their output into our food, air and water.

3. Organic Farmers Create Healthy Soils

By buying organic you are supporting organic farmers to build healthier soils. rich and healthy soils are constantly aimed for by organic farmers.

4. Organic Food Has Strict Standards

The certified organic stamp on all organic products is your guarantee that no artificial chemicals or fertilisers have been used through production and handling. Farmers are also screened on a regular basis to ensure they are meeting the strict quality control standards.

5. Organic Food Is Not Genetically Modified

More and more studies are linking GM foods to debilitating diseases. This is leading to consumers avoiding these genetically engineered foods that have been designed in laboratories for resistance against pests, diseases herbicides and pesticides. Organic farming does not permit the use of genetically modified seeds.