Why Choose Us

1. Fresher Higher Quality Produce

Each week we visit our suppliers, only collecting produce once freshness and quality is confirmed. Produce is then quickly packed and delivered to your door in chill packed insulated boxes. No sitting around on shop display shelves drying out and losing quality.

2. Forget the Hassle of Shops

Sick of the struggle of driving, finding parks, loading groceries & public toddler tantrums? Shop from the comfort and convenience of your own home over your favourite cuppa!

3. Great Range

We stock over 2000 products and counting including certified organic fruit, vegetables, dairy, bread, eggs, meat, deli products, gluten free products, superfoods and much more.

4. Competitive Prices

We want to make organic's more affordable for people, so we focus on competitive pricing and providing dollar saving specials - See current specials

5. Great Order Discounts

To cut your costs even more, you will receive free delivery both on your first order, and when you order over $150.

6. Awesome Customer Service

Our main focus is on customer happiness, as we measure the success of our business by the satisfaction of our customers. And we go to great lengths to ensure you are delighted with our service.

7. Easy Online Ordering

Place your order in under 5 minutes! it's as simple as filling your cart and checking out. Everything is explained clearly along the way, eg. If we sell apples in 500gm units we'll let you know you'll expect 3-4 per 500gm.

8. Flexible Order Options

Choose between seasonal boxes or selecting your own items from our range. Give our packers and drivers special instructions to ensure your needs are met. Our handy substitute option replaces any unavailable items with a similar item. You can even reorder a previous order to save time.

9. Shop When it Suits You

Have you ever been cooking dinner and thought, "hey I'm running low on onions!". Just jump online, add them to your cart and our site will remember your cart contents for your next order. So when you're ready to complete your order (day or night), onions are already there. Handy!

10. 100% Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that we select each of your items within strict quality control guidelines and as if we were selecting for ourselves. If however, you ever receive a bruised peach or broken egg, please let us know so we can credit you the item's value.