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Our Box Liners Go Eco Friendly!

  04/04/2021 at 04:21 am

Our boxes are now lined with waved paper insulation.

There are multiple issues with the plastic foil liners which have pushed us to move to paper:

• We find that some customers opt not to return their foils meaning they are ending up in landfill.
• Returning the foil filled boxes is costly to us. Couriers charge a separate fee for each box returned.
• With the COVID situation, having to sterilise the returned foils is an arduous process and often foils are not clean enough to reuse.
• We just generally want to move away from plastic where possible!

This paper solution is formed in our premises and is from renewable sources, is biodegradable and curb-side recyclable.

Insulation Capacity
Paper’s insulation value is highly competitive. This paper liner's insulation capacity is still around 80% as effective as the foil liner which will not really be noticeable.

Greater Protection
We actually think there will be less chance of breakage with the waved paper, as it's slightly thicker and more impact resistant than the foil.

No More Returns - Compost or Recycle
With this change, we will still return any foil filled boxes you have accumulated, but only ones filled with foil. Moving forward with the paper liners, we will no longer be returning boxes. So please either compost the liners, or recycle them in the yellow bin ☺️ 

By Django Cogez