Eggs Dairy & Deli Fermented & Cultured Fermented Garlic Paste 200gm

Fermented Garlic Paste 200gm

Kehoes Kitchen


~ Gluten-Free ~ Dairy-Free ~ Vegan Friendly

Made with 100% Australian grown certified organic garlic. The garlic is fully fermented before being jarred. This fermentation pre-digests the garlic making it easier to tolerate as the fermentable sugars are already fermented.

Kehoe’s Kitchen uses wild fermented produce in all their vegetable ferments including the garlic paste.

Ingredients: Organic Australian garlic, reverse osmosis remineralised filtered water, natural Australian sea salt & Kehoe’s Kitchen vegan culture.

Please note other brand shelf stable products have been pasteurised or heat treated when being packaged. This treatment kills ALL beneficial bacteria. Some retailers are placing these pasteurised products in the fridge along side the raw brands. Check the label, if it says ‘refrigerate AFTER opening’ or it’s not labelled as Raw or Probiotic then it is pasteurised and has zero beneficial bacteria.