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Rhubarb Bunch

Certified Organic - Mont View Farm Organics


Certified Organic

*OGA Certified Organic & Australian Grown - *Note: Do not eat leaves - can have toxic effect (read more below) - Rhubarb stalks add a unique tangy taste and beautiful rosy red colour to cooking, best used baked in pies and crumbles or stewed and served with chilled desserts.
How Toxic is Rhubarb?
Oxalic acid is the toxic ingredient in Rhubarb. Toxicity is measured by the LD50 rating (LD50 is the Median Lethal Dose, which is the dose of a drug or chemical predicted to produce a lethal effect in 50 percent of the subjects to whom the dose is given). In rats the level for Oxalic acid is 375 mg/kg. So for a human weighing 65.7kg that's about 25 grams of pure oxalic acid required to cause death. Rhubarb leaves are around 0.5% oxalic acid, so that you would need to eat quite a large serving of leaves, around 5kg, to consume 25 grams of Oxalic acid. Note that sickness may be caused by a much lesser amount.