Eggs Dairy & Deli Fermented & Cultured Sauerkraut Beetroot & Ginger 410gm

Sauerkraut Beetroot & Ginger 410gm

Kehoes Kitchen


Certified Organic ~ Gluten-Free ~ Dairy-Free ~ Vegan Friendly

Fully fermented (left in crock until they finish bubbling) for maximum flavour and beneficial bacteria. If you're new to fermented food, try it for breakfast with fried tomatoes, baby spinach, runny eggs, fresh avocado and some sauerkraut on the side (a great digestive aid). Also great to sprinkle through salads, add as a layer to your wraps, nori roll or lettuce rolls or just throw on top of any old meal, even spag bol once you're addicted :-).
Ingredients: (*organic) *cabbage, *beetroot, *ginger, natural sea salt, *juniper berries.